About Us

The Brotherhood RC (BRC) was founded in July of 2009 as a group of individuals brought together through friendship and the commonality of Motorcycle Riding. We are a one-piece patch Riding Club. We originated in Arizona, and are located throughout the Phoenix valley area. The characteristics of Honor, Integrity, Strength, and Benevolence are the building blocks upon which our Brotherhood RC is built, and the mortar of which we build our relationships. Our leadership, organization, and decision making is ever cognizant of applying these characteristics at all times, in all endeavors. We strive to lead by a positive example, ever aware that our personal and club conduct represent not only ourselves, but all those who ride a motorcycle in general.

We are a family oriented Riding Club. We understand and support each other wholly in our responsibilities of family, spouses, children, work, school, country, or other pastimes. We understand, support, and encourage each other’s commitment to these aspects of their life. We value our significant others as Brotherhood RC Supporters. Their assistance and support in the BRC, and our endeavors, is greatly appreciated, and highly valued. We welcome fellow Bikers, who take motorcycle riding and upstanding character seriously, unto our fold as friends and look to build on these relationships to strengthen the Brotherhood RC as a whole family unit.

Our BRC patch is our club insignia. It belongs to us alone, and we wear it on our cut with deep pride as it identifies us as One. United together in one common passion, and one entity, to achieve our goals and obtain our ideals together. Although we are many, we know that united together we are stronger as a whole. The horizontal winged skull on our patch represents the stand we are taking together to uphold the above ideals of Strength, Honor, Integrity, and Benevolence, and to always respect that what we do, puts us at risk of life and limb. Therefore, we live life to the fullest, and ride our motorcycles with passion and purpose.

Never Alone Never Without